The diversity of Norways vibrant scenic landscapes

The diversity of Norways vibrant scenic landscapes offers a wide choice of exciting cycling holidays. Whether you are cycling on peaceful tracks through deep forests, over high mountains or through lush valleys beside tranquil fjords, you set the pace and decide the distance. You rest at cosy cafes, idyllic picnic spots or when you see something that invites closer examination. Maybe you will simply stop to savour the feeling of absolute freedom and absorb the beauty of the countryside. This is a cycling holiday in Norway at its best.

For more information on different types of cycling holidays in Norway, see below.

Do you think it sounds tempting to be able to ring or email, and have your entire cycling holiday organised for you? This is possible as a cycle tourist in Norway.

Norway has many well-planned sign-posted routes. A special cyclist’s map, route description and other relevant information is available. They vary in length, scenery and attractions, but they are all spectacular! You can cycle through forests or valleys, along fjords or up in the mountains and visit some of the several small towns of Norway. You can either hire a cycle or bring your own. You can plan your own trip, or to be at the safe side, order an organised package. Anyway you will find more information about the routes here.

The Institution Cycle Tourism in Norway has a project in progress to develop cycling-friendly destinations in Norway. The work started in the autumn of 2003 and concludes in spring 2005.