Welcome to a cycling holiday in Norway!

The diversity of Norway’s vibrant scenic landscapes offers a wide choice of exciting cycling holidays. Whether you are cycling on tranquil roads through deep forests, over high mountains or along lush valleys and fjords, you set the pace, decide distance and stop when you find a cosy cafe, an idyllic picnic spot or when you see something you want to investigate more closely. Or just simply stop to savour the feeling of absolute freedom and absorb the beauty of the countryside. This is cycling holidays in Norway at their best.

There are many well-planned cycling routes in Norway. A special cyclist’s map, route description and other relevant information are available. The trails are signposted with special signposts with many attractions en route. You can either rent a cycle or bring your own. Cycling holidays are fun – enjoy!

The North Sea Cycle Route, Rogaland

The Telemark canal

Rallarvegen – The Old Navvy Road

The Coastal Route

The Lofoten Islands/The Vestfjord route, Bodø-Kjerringøy-Steigen-Hamarøy-Lofoten-Værøy

The Numedal Cycleroute

The Hallingdalen Route

The Discovery Trail – Bjorli-Dombås-Grimsdalen

Along the Sognefjord



Island hopping in Møre & Romsdal, Molde-Ona-Bud-Atlanterhavsveien


Kristiansand – Hovden – Haukeli




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North Sea Cycle Route